There'll be no mice on the ice when Brian Boitano and Katarina Witt skate into town on Sunday, Jan. 6, for their one-night "Skating II" production at 7 p.m. in the Salt Palace Arena.

No mice.No Smurfs.

No Barbie Dolls.

No high-kicking chorus lines or overly produced production numbers.

But that doesn't mean that "Skating II" won't be spectacular. What it lacks in sequin-encrusted costumes and high-tech razzle-dazzle should be more than offset by elegant, eloquent and sophisticated artistry.

A cast of 15 Olympic and world champion skaters will perform a variety of solo, duo and mixed routines. In addition to Olympic gold medalists Boitano and Witt, you'll see:

- Elena Valova and Oleg Vassiliev of the Soviet Union, who have collected 11 first- and second-place awards in Olympics, world and European championship competitions during the past seven years.

- Alexander Fadeev, USSR, a top-ranked skater who has also won several awards in global, national, European, Olympic and Moscow competitions.

- Paul Martini and Barbara Underhill of Canada, who took first place in the 1989 World Cup and World Professional Champions events, with other first-place awards between 1984 and 1988.

- Judy Blumberg and Michael Seibert, United States, World Cup dance champions in 1989 and '88, and United States National Champions, 1979-84.

- Gary Beacom, Canada, who placed third in the 1989 World Challenge of Champions and other awards in the World Professional Champions competition (second place in 1989 and first in 1988).

- Caryn Kadavy, United States, who's won top awards in several U.S. and world championship competitions since 1985.

- Vladimir Kotin, USSR, who placed sixth in the 1988 Winter Olympics and has also won several first-, second- and third-place awards in a number of other competitions.

- Yvonne Gomez, Spain, first-place winner (Spain) in 1988 and 1989 and 10th-place winner in European competition in 1989.

- Renee Roca, United States, a World Team member and first-place winner in the Skate America and Skate Canada competitions in 1985, first in the National Dance Championships in 1986 and choreographer for Jill Trenary's competitive program in 1990.

- Gorsha Sur, USSR, first-place winner in both the USSR National Cup and World University Games and a performer in the Russian All-Star Ice Theatre in 1989, and a national Soviet team member, 1986-89.

Some highlights of the two-act production will include Boitano and Witt together in "C'est Toi, C'est Moi," excerpted from their Emmy Award-winning "Carmen on Ice" HBO television production, and "Sun and Moon," skated to music from "Miss Saigon"; Underhill and Martini paired for "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini" and "Unchained Melody"; seven of the cast presented in "American Fantasia" from "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue"; the entire cast in "Sunrise" from "Grand Canyon Suite"; Witt showcased in "Springtime Ballet" and Boitano featured in "The Carousel Waltz" from "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue."

There will be 30 separate routines during the two-act performance.

"Skating II" is being presented in support of Salt Lake City's bid for the Olympic Winter Games.

Tickets are $15, $20 and $30, with discounts available for youths, senior citizens and groups. Tickets are available at the Salt Palace box office and all Smith'sTix outlets.

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