So you think you know a lot about the auto industry. Here's a quiz to test your smarts:

1. How did the Lincoln nameplate become part of Ford Motor Co.?a. Henry Ford wanted to market a luxury car and named it after an idol, President Abraham Lincoln.

b. Lincoln Motor Co. was bought at a receiver's sale.

c. The company wanted something down to earth to go with its cosmically named Mercury line of cars.

d. A Ford designer, born and raised in Lincoln, Neb., wanted to pay homage to the town he loved.

2. Two well-known names in their industries - automobiles and radios - joined to produce the first car with a sound system. They were:

a. Volkswagen and Blaupunkt.

b. Toyota and Sony.

c. Chevrolet and RCA Victor.

d. Daimler and Marconi.

3. On which car did the first speedometer appear?

a. Ford Model A.

b. Rolls-Royce.

c. The Curved Dash Olds.

d. Case Model X Sedan.

4. Before car advertising became the best way to sell vehicles, what two other methods were used most?

a. Direct mail and handbill offers.

b. Auto shows and racing.

c. Door-to-door solicitation and traveling salesmen.

d. Swap meets and auctions.

5. There are hundreds of thousands of automobile accidents every year in the United States. When and where was the first documented wreck involving a gasoline-powered automobile?

a. May 30, 1896, in New York City.

b. Aug. 21, 1888, outside Paris.

c. June 12, 1890, in London.

d. April 1, 1901, in Baltimore, Md.

6. One group of professionals gave a big boost to making the automobile a socially acceptable mode of transportation. The group was:

a. Race car drivers.

b. Police officers.

c. High-ranking politicians.

d. Doctors.

7. What disaster proved to be a blessing for gasoline-powered vehicles and why?

a. A horse cholera epidemic forced people to choose cars for transportation.

b. The crash of the Hindenburg dirigible gave rise to the ambulance.

c. The San Francisco Earthquake was the first mass use of trucks.

d. The explosion of a steamboat cast grave doubts on the stability of pressurized steam as a propellant.

8. A car company beat Coca-Cola to the punch with the advertising slogan: "Get the real thing." The company was:

a. Rolls-Royce Motor Car Co. Ltd.

b. Toyota Motor Corp.

c. Fiat.

d. Reo Motor Car Co.

9. Where and when were speed bumps installed to curtail speeding?

a. The parking lot of Gabe's Drive-In of Youngstown, Ohio, in 1952.

b. The streets of Glencoe, Ill., in 1907.

c. The lanes through the Happy Trails Mobile Home Park of Birmingham, Ala., in 1948.

d. Entrance and exit roads to Coolidge High School in Rye, N.Y., in 1938.



1. b. In 1922.

2. d. A wireless receiver first installed in 1922 model cars.

3. c. In 1901.

4. b. Advertising began to take hold in the early 1900s, after races and shows.

5. a. A bicyclist, Evelyn Thomas, suffered a broken leg when a car driven by Henry Wells of Springfield, Mass., collided with her and her bike. Wells spent the night in jail.

6. d. Physicians used cars to make house calls, a practice that has all but died.

7. c. The 1906 temblor prompted Henry White to organize a caravan of trucks from Los Angeles to bring food and materials to the stricken city.

8. d. Named after Ransom E. Olds, Reo used the slogan in 1908.

9. b.