Extradition proceedings have begun to bring a 45-year-old man from Minnesota to face charges he killed a Hollywood woman more than a quarter century ago, authorities said.

Vernon Mathis Robinson was arrested Sunday in Minneapolis and was being held without bail until the extradition procedure is completed, said a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office.Robinson is suspected in the Oct. 3, 1963, death of Thora Marie Rose, 43, who was bludgeoned to death during an apparent robbery in her apartment. Robinson was identified when police picked 50 unsolved murders at random and ran fingerprints through California's computerized fingerprint identification system, which matched prints found at the scene with prints on an old booking card. A Vietnam veteran, Robinson served time at San Quentin in the 1970s for assault and robbery.

Through his attorney, Robinson alleges that he was at the Navy's training center in San Diego on the day of the slaying. The Navy said it would take about a week to check Robinson's records.

Hollywood homicide detectives filed forms with the District Attorney's Office late Thursday to begin the process of bringing Robinson back to California, a process expected to take about six weeks.

Deputy District Attorney Gregson Somes said Rose apparently was killed during a robbery attempt the night before her body was found.