Has Seven Peaks Resort provided evidence of adequate financial backing to build a ski resort on Maple Mountain in Provo?

Forest Service Supervisor Don Nebeker told the Deseret News on Thursday that Seven Peaks has submitted some documents, but the Forest Service "hasn't been able to verify if it is what we need" to show financial capability to build the proposed $30 million ski resort.Nebeker said Brent McBeth, forest chief of recreation and lands, met with Seven Peaks officials Thursday to review the documents they submitted.

"We have some real questions about it," Nebeker said. "So far, it hasn't been verified."

Nebeker anticipated that by Friday afternoon the Forest Service would be able to decide whether the information provided by Seven Peaks owner Victor Borcherds is adequate.

The Forest Service is requiring that Seven Peaks prove it has secured loans to finance the project and an insurance bond to cover completion of the project or restoration of the mountain in the event the current proposal collapses.

The Forest Service in June gave Seven Peaks until Dec. 31 to provide proof of financial capability to build the ski resort. However, Nebeker said Thursday that the deadline was "academic," and the Forest Service won't just "chomp off" Seven Peaks if it is making substantial progress in complying with the financial capability requirement.

If and when the Forest Service determines it has the necessary financial documents, Nebeker will reassess the ski resort proposal and issue a new record of decision on Borcherds' request to use Forest Service land for the resort. It also is possible a new environmental impact statement will have to be drafted for the proposal.