The names of the nominating committee and jury for the first Up 'n Comers program have been announced by Roy W. Simmons, chairman of the board of Zions Bancorporation, and Utah Jazz player Karl Malone.

Up 'n Comers is a statewide public service event to honor 12 of Utah's most promising under-40 professionals whose career achievement and community involvement already are recognzied by peers and competitors.W. Mack Lawrence, recently retired executive of US WEST Communications, will be the nominating committee chairman. Serving with him will be Douglas Alder; William C. Bailey; T.H. Bell; Ron Boone; Roger Boyer; Rep. Afton Bradshaw, R-Salt Lake; Louis Callister; Wayne Chamberlain; Paul Chummers; Lee Ence; Steve Erickson; Carol Fay; Maria Garcia; David Gillette.

Others are Don C. Hale; Jay Horrocks; Dan Huish; Gary Hunter; Charles Johnson; William Rolfe Kerr; Robert Ladenburger; Michael Levanthal; Richard Madsen; Fred Montmorency; Susan Mooney; Don Poulter; Neal Savage; John Scocroft; Gerald R. Sherratt; Nancy Volmer; Bob Welti; Von Whitby; and Bill Wirthlin.

The public, businesses, corporations and organizations are invited to submit nominations before Jan. 7. Nominating forms are available in all of the bank's branches.

The 12 categories are architecture/engineering; arts and leisure; business; communications; education; construction/manufacturing; finance; government; high technology; law; medicine/dental/health services; and non-profit.

Carolyn McNeil, Utah Association of Municipal Power Systems, will be chairwoman of the jury, which will select three finalists in each category on Monday, Jan. 21.

Members of the jury are Jerry Atkins; Fred S. Ball; Ron Coleman; Dan England; Robert Keener; Kenneth Knight; Tyrone Medley and Joseph Silverstein.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 26, by Simmons and Malone, who does commercials for Zions Bank. Although tickets will be sold, the dinner will be paid for by Zions Bank with proceeds donated to the Traveler's Aid Society Homeless Shelter and the Salt Lake Neighborhood Housing Services Inc.