More than 100 Palestinians were treated for beating injuries Wednesday in the Gaza Strip, hospital officials said, during a Palestinian general strike to protest Israeli rule of the occupied lands.

The army said it could not immediately confirm any injury reports.Also Wednesday, the army opened an inquiry into the causes of Tuesday's prison riot in which two Arabs were killed. A letter by inmates at the tent prison of Kedziot said they were on a hunger strike to press for the prison's closing.

Soldiers sealed off Gaza for a third straight day, confining 650,000 Palestinians to their homes and barring reporters from the occupied territory.

Officials at Shifa Hospital in Gaza said 105 Palestinians were treated for beating injuries. "Most of the injuries were bruises and contusions," Dr. Ahmed Yazeji, chief surgeon at Shifa, said in an interview.

Yazeji said the bruises appeared to be caused by beatings with "clubs and rifle butts and kicking with heavy military boots."

He said 90 percent of the victims said they were beaten in their homes by troops looking for suspected stone-throwers after a surge of violence in Gaza.

Troops shot and wounded two Palestinians in Gaza today, and they were treated at the nearby Ahli Arab Hospital, officials at the hospital said.

In refugee Camp No. 1 near the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, soldiers opened fire on Arab stone-throwers Wednesday, wounding a 17-year-old in the right thigh, said officials at Al Ittihad Hospital.

Under the general strike call, many of the 110,000 Palestinians who work in Israel boycotted their jobs. Arab-owned shops and businesses were closed in at least a dozen towns and cities in the occupied lands.