The frozen pipe problems that closed three schools Wednesday have been resolved, but only two of those schools reopened Thursday.

For Cottonwood High in the Granite District and Westvale Elementary in the Jordan District, it was school as usual. But for 670 students at Orchard Elementary in the Davis District, classes won't resume until Friday."It (the ice) finally broke loose about 4:30 a.m. this morning," said Orchard principal Wayne Stanger. "We decided to keep the school closed today so that we can get the parking lot repaired. They had to dig a lot of holes out there to get to the pipe.

Like Orchard, it was a frozen water main leading in from the street that closed Cottonwood. A spokesman there said the water was flowing again and the school was reopened Thursday morning.

At Westvale, in West Jordan, the closure was prompted by flooding in a small part of the school when pipes burst. Crews repaired the pipes and cleaned up the affected area Wednesday, and the school reopened Thursday.