A new radio station calling itself "Voice of Free Iraq" was interrupted Thursday when it carried denunciations of President Saddam Hussein, and BBC monitors said the broadcast was believed to have been jammed.

The radio described Saddam as a crook and a mad bull who should be overthrown when it went on the air for the first time Tuesday.The source of the broadcasts were not known.

The BBC said the radio was constantly interrupted by what appeared to be deliberate interference on all three of its shortwave frequencies after it went on the air Thursday morning.

"Voice of Free Iraq" said it was broadcasting to Iraq on frequencies contributed by the radio services of Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council states - all hard-line Arab opponents of Saddam's Aug. 2 seizure of Kuwait.

In a broadcast monitored by the BBC, the Voice of Free Iraq accused Saddam of being a sadist, putting his own ambition ahead of the interests of the Arab world.

"The man who draws satisfaction from putting out live butts of cigarettes against bodies is the same man that pushed his army and people into a destructive war that lasted eight years and is the same man who is now pushing all Iraq towards a fearful incinerator, and inflicts on the sons of Kuwait all types of torture and terror," the radio said.

"He is throttling Iraq and Iraqis in his terrible iron fist.

"Saddam Hussein sees himself as an Arab emperor, helped by God, to unify the Arab world, and then occupy it . . . "