In the spring of 1954, John and Jacqueline Kennedy were newlyweds living in their first home together. Ahead of them was a future of great triumph and tragedy. But for a few months in 1954, the Kennedys lived an almost normal existence.

An exhibition of photographs of the couple during that period, most never published, are on show at the Peabody Institute. The 50 or so photos are a representative selection of prints from The Max G. Lownherz collection of Kennedy photographs, which was donated to the Peabody last year.Taken by photographer Orlando Suero during a week in early May 1954, the photos captured the Kennedys relaxing in their Georgetown townhouse, entertaining family and friends and playing softball in the street with Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

There are photos of John painting in oils, a hobby he gave up shortly afterward, and pictures of Jacqueline in the political science class she attended at Georgetown University.

The exhibit will end Jan. 18.