The 1990 Christmas season will be remembered by Darla Naylor more for what she lost than what she received, although she is grateful to neighbors and friends who have helped her following a disastrous fire.

About 5 a.m. on Dec. 28, she was home alone and asleep in her trailer home when she awakened and smelled smoke. She checked the coal furnace in a room built on the trailer but it was not malfunctioning.Looking out the kitchen window, she saw flames shooting high in the air.

She called her father, Jerald Adair, who lives next door, let her two dogs out of the furnace room and got out herself.

Wellington firefighters responded quickly to calls from her father and neighbors but the flames could not be stopped. "We just watched it burn," Naylor said.

Although she cannot keep tears back when she talks about it, she realizes she was probably lucky to get out unharmed. She estimates she was in the trailer a full four minutes after she smelled smoke.

The new washer and dryer, microwave oven and video cassette recorder she recently bought could not be saved. Neither could her clothes and personal items.

She said firefighters told her the cause of the fire was an electrical short.

She was alone because her husband, Robert, who lost an arm in a mine accident, must return periodically to a hospital in Provo.

The small amount of fire insurance they had was not nearly enough to pay for the loss. She said friends and neighbors have been wonderful. They brought clothing and have set up an account in the Naylors' name at the Price Key Bank office. Anyone interested may make a contribution.