It's that time of year again - time to pause with feeling at the beginning of a new year and reflect on people, events, trends, problems, policies and whatever else is considered either IN or OUT. One year can bring dramatic changes, and 1990 has not been disappointing. INs and OUTs are, of course, self-explanatory and cut to the core of human experience.

Randy Horiuchi is IN - having just been elected to the Salt Lake County Commission - despite having been OUT for most of his adult life. Bill Orton is IN, despite the most amazing odds, and Howard Nielson, Karl Snow and the entire 3rd Congressional District are OUT.Steve Studdert was OUT after the 3rd District congressional race, but after the Polish elections, he's back IN.

Lech Walesa is IN as president of Poland, but Eduard Shevardnadze is OUT in the Soviet Union - by his own choosing - and Mikhail Gorbachev could be OUT if he isn't careful. Walter Hickel is IN again as governor of Alaska, and Michael Dukakis is OUT as governor of Massachusetts.

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, producer of CBS's "Designing Women," is IN, but the stars of "Almost an Angel," Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski, are OUT.

The Persian Gulf, Desert Shield, anti-nerve gas uniforms and Hershey's Des-ert Bars ("the sweets that won't sweat") are IN, but the emir of Kuwait, Sheik Jaber Al-Ahmad al-Sabah, is OUT.

Secretary of Education Lauro Cavazos is OUT, while Lamar Alexander is IN. School prayer is IN, and the ACLU is OUT. Arnold Schwarzenegger, eccentricity and Mexican food are IN, but S&Ls, the FDIC and the Cold War are OUT.

The John Birch Society is also OUT, but they don't realize it.

The Russians are IN, but "The Russia House" is OUT.

Helmut Kohl is IN as leader of a unified Germany, but Margaret Thatcher is OUT after almost 12 years in Great Britain. Nelson Mandela is OUT of prison in South Africa, and Oliver Tambo is OUT of exile. Hostages Robert Polhill and Frank Reed are OUT of captivity in Lebanon.

Former baseball great Pete Rose is IN prison, along with junk-bond fanatic Michael Milken.

Taxes are IN favor again, but Teflon presidents are OUT. Earthquakes are IN, along with Ivana Trump, Honda Accords and snow-blowers. So is "Godfather, Part III."

But John Gotti, fax machines, the national economy and Donald Trump are OUT. Oprah Winfrey is OUT ever since she gained back all that weight. Brent Barlow and Jim Kimball are OUT of the Deseret News. Good luck, guys!

Madonna and sexually explicit videos are IN, but Sam Donaldson and Diane Sawyer are OUT, along with John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and "Look Who's Talking Too."

John Major is IN as prime minister in Great Britain, but Kathleen Sullivan, bedside appliances, video display terminals, electric blankets and all other electromagnetic fields are OUT.

"Pretty Woman" is still IN, but red meat and anti-lock brakes are OUT. Robert Redford is IN, along with "Nightline," Ted Turner and Jane Fonda, miniskirts and the color forest green for homes.

But integrity, family-oriented political ads, the Olympics and the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award are all OUT.

So are 2 Live Crew, former drug czar William Bennett and the words "special" and "awesome." Saddam Hussein is IN control in the Mideast, but brownbagging in Utah and camcorders with free mountain bikes are OUT.

Kimberly Perkins is IN. Merrill Cook would like to be back IN the Republican Party.

Dan Quayle will always be OUT - even while he's IN.

"Grafeeties," the bumper stickers for shoes, are IN. Anesthetic and crowns are IN at the dentist's office, while grinding your teeth in your sleep and root canals are OUT. Cholesterol is OUT, and miracles drugs are IN.

That's it for another year. Cold winters are OUT, so stay IN as much as possible.