Holiday spirit was dampened again New Year's Day as water spilled onto the ground floor of the Provo City Library.

On Christmas Day the Orem Library flooded after a waterline burst in the Orem City Center, covering the library's newly laid carpeting and drenching its main computer. Video tapes and sheet music also were destroyed.Fortunately, the Provo library did not sustain the kind of damage Orem experienced, Library Director Howard Downey said. There were only a couple of inches of water on the lower floor of the library. The water did not get into offices or conference rooms.

The damage may have been worse if the problem had not been reported promptly.

Provo dispatcher Linda Hargadon said a paper boy noticed water pouring out of the library Tuesday afternoon and alerted a nearby police officer. Although the officer was off-duty, he reported it to Provo Police and Fire Dispatch.

At 3:35 p.m. dispatch notified the Provo Fire Department of the flooding. Library officials arranged for a carpet cleaner to pump out the water, Downey said. Fans are expected to dry the carpets so the library will open at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, as scheduled.