Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, stands behind President Bush 83 percent.

At least a new voting study by Congressional Quarterly shows Hansen voted for Bush's position on legislation 83 percent of the time in 1990. That was the third-highest score in the House.Another one of Bush's top 10 friends in the House was retiring Rep. Howard Nielson, R-Utah. He supported Bush's position 80 percent of the time, giving him the ninth-highest House score.

While Hansen and Nielson were standing by their man, Rep. Wayne Owens, R-Utah, usually was not. He supported Bush a mere 21 percent of the time. That gave him only the 337th-highest score among the House's 435 members.

In the Senate, Jake Garn and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, also gave fairly strong support to Bush - but not as much as they had given Ronald Reagan in the past.

Hatch supported Bush 77 percent of the time - the 11th-highest in the Senate. He led the fight for Bush on such issues as civil rights and raises of the minimum wage, but led opposition on some Bush stances such as how to better provide child care.

Garn supported Bush 73 percent of the time, 20th-highest of the 100 senators. In Reagan's last year in office, Garn was his second-strongest supporter in the Senate.

Some issues on which Garn disagreed with Bush included strengthening penalties for companies and other countries that increase chemical weapons proliferation, which Bush vetoed despite heavy lobbying led by Garn.

The Congressional Quarterly study also showed that Utah's members of Congress are very partisan, and miss few votes.

Hatch was the most partisan - voting with his party 89 percent of the time. Garn was right behind him with a score of 88.

In the House, Hansen had a score of 85, Owens had an 84 and Nielson had an 81.

The studies also showed that Hatch voted 99 percent of the time in 1990. Garn voted 94 percent of the time. Roughly half of the Senate scored 99 percent or better, including 15 who scored 100 percent. The Senate average was 97 percent.

In the House, Hansen, Owens and Nielson all scored 96 percent. The House average was 94 percent.