There's nothing like the holidays to dirty every pan in the house.

Seasonal entertaining requires a stock pot, all of the saucepans and casserole containers in every size and shape. Neighborhood goody deliveries utilize loaf tins, cookie sheets, muffin pans or specialty shapes like springform, crepe or aebleskiver.Nary a pot in the pantry avoids a holiday cooking assignment.

It's time to simplify.

Streamline your kitchen time with one-pot meals. Only one pot to watch. Only one pan to wash.

Whether a crockery cooker, a skillet or a casserole, entire meals can be contained in a single pan.

The February Recipe Exchange invites readers to submit favorite recipes for entrees that can be prepared in one pan.

Rules for submitting recipes:

1. Submit only one recipe per sheet of paper (but all can be mailed in one envelope). Include name and address on each recipe. Mail to Recipe Exchange, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

2. No more than three recipes will be accepted from any one person.

3. Recipes must be postmarked by Friday, Jan. 18.

4. If identical recipes are received, the recipe with the earliest postmark will be selected for testing.

5. Recipes will be tested by a panel of home economists, with the best recipes printed in the Deseret News food section the first Tuesday in February. Readers whose recipes are selected will receive $5.

Thanks to our readers who shared soup and chowder recipes:

Kathy Downs, Kris Chatelain, Fay Sargent, Ellen Koucos, Becky Bradshaw, Shelley Bracken, Sara Sanders, Diana Richards, Laurette Mortensen, Veda H. Hansen, Allison Liechty, Mrs. Gilbert Wallace, Martha Ashby, Jeanne Phillips, Ruth F. Harris, Arlene B. Jensen, Maria Thomas, Vickie Guymon, Alta Hall, Laurel J. Nebeker, Norma Richardson, June L. Pearson, Mrs. Radene S. Meikle, Karen Peterson, Thelma Thelin, Cynthia Verhaaren, Diane Lamb, Sally Woodland, Linda Storer, Monette Nielsen, Charlene Banner and Pamela Stoddard.