On any given day, up to 2,500 people are homeless in Utah. The State Homeless Coordinating Committee wants to remind Utahns they can assist homeless people by making a contribution on their income tax returns.

A checkoff on the Utah tax form lets taxpayers contribute money from their tax refund to the Homeless Trust Fund. Taxpayers who owe additional money may make a contribution by adding it to their tax obligation.Line 2, schedule D, page 2 of the long form and line 12, page 1 on the short form provide an opportunity to contribute $1 or more.

The check-off was established by the Utah Legislature in 1988. Last year, 41,053 Utah taxpayers donated more than $305,000 to help homeless people. Services funded by the check-off include emergency food and shelter, self-sufficiency and employment programs, transitional housing and treatment for homeless mentally ill and substance abusers.