Winners of the Children's Bookmark Contest at the Anderson/

Foothill Library have been announced.In the kindergarten-to-second grade category the winners were first place, Scott Hess (Cosgriff Memorial, second grade); second place, Jason Lund (Rosslyn Heights, first grade); third place, Liz Nak (Cosgriff Memorial, second grade).

In the third and fourth grade category, first place went to Lauren Ashleigh Beach (Cosgriff, third grade); second place, Laura Szykula (Cosgriff, third grade); and third place, Lesha Krantz (Bonneville, fourth grade).

In the fifth and sixth grade category, first place went to Katherine Warner (Bonneville, sixth grade); second place went to Emily Harrison (Dilworth, sixth grade); third place went to Emilie Hales (Bonneville, fifth grade).

The winning design in each category will be printed as a special bookmark during the 1991 National Library Week in April. The winners received gift certificates from a number of local bookstores.