A reserve army medic, called up on New Year's eve to serve with British forces in the Persian Gulf, said Wednesday he would refuse to report for duty.

Henry Power, 43, of Galashiels, Scotland, a psychiatric nurse who left the Royal Army Medical Corps 12 years ago, said he objected to being sent to the gulf, adding that his reserve liability had ended in 1982."If other people want to go to the gulf, then let them get on with it. They're welcome to be out there," Power told the British Broadcasting Corp. World Service on Wednesday.

"I dare say there are enough people who will say I'm a coward, but at the same time you know if Saddam Hussein was tramping our ground here, I would be quite prepared to go out there and defend my country, the country I'm living in. I don't live in Arabia and I'm not an Arab."

Power, who served in the army for eight years, was told to report for duty Saturday.