An African witch doctor who divines the future with magical stones says there will be a short war in the Persian Gulf that will see limited loss of life and the defeat of Iraq.

"The way the stones fall means there will be war," said Ole Tayanna, the most respected medicine man of Kenya's warrior-like Masai tribe."But the war will not be soon, although people will talk about it all the time," Tayanna said at his home in the Great Rift Valley, about 40 miles west of Nairobi.

Tayanna, widely believed to be more than 100 years old, lives with eight wives, scores of offspring and large numbers of cattle.

Tayanna, who charges about $20 to make predictions for 1991, divined the future by spitting into a gourd full of colored stones, which were tossed onto a cowhide. He says the future revealed itself by the pattern the tossed stones made.

He predicted that not many people would die in the war and said he saw many people surrendering. The rest of the world would see relative peace, he said.

Tayanna also said isolated parts of Europe would see hardship while some areas of Africa would suffer great poverty.