Church-based groups linked primarily to questions such as abortion and women's ordination rather than peace issues announced stands Wednesday opposing a U.S.-initiated war in the Persian Gulf.

JustLife, a group usually linked to efforts to end legal abortion, said it has adopted a resolution urging the U.S.-led international coalition to refrain from offensive military action and calling on nations to give "sufficient time for what may be world history's most effective peacetime blockade . . . to be successful."The group said it believed "that all human life, whether born or unborn, is a resource more precious than oil."

JustLife, unlike most other anti-abortion groups, seeks to link opposition to abortion with efforts to end poverty and the arms race. Executive Director David Medema said the group believes "the new world order about which the president frequently speaks must be given full opportunity to resolve international disputes."

Meanwhile, a coalition of 21 groups and 28 leaders of the feminist movement within Roman Catholicism, issued a statement calling for the "immediate withdrawal" of U.S. forces.

The statement rejects Bush's argument that the United States must act to restore Kuwaiti sovereignty, saying the crisis "has more to do with protecting access to cheap oil for the United States and other industrial nations of the so-called First World than it does with freedom, human rights, sovereignty or jobs."