Alta View Hospital-

BAROS, Michelle, Midvale, boy.

DAVIS, William and Shelly, Salt Lake City, boy.

JENSEN, Kirt and Tami, Riverton, boy.

SHAW, Richard and Dianne, Sandy, boy.

STREBEL, Gerald and Kimberli, Midvale, girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

LANCASTER, Alan D. and Evonne, Salt Lake City, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ABBOTT, Michelle, boy.

ABEL, Jeffrey and Holly, girl.

BRYAN, Jerold and Helen, boy.

COX, Jack and Susan, boy.

CURTIS, Brian and Gayla, boy.

DEHART, Kurt and Jacqueline, boy.

DESPAIN, Wayne and Cheryl, boy.

DOANE, Max and Kirsten, girl.

FAWCETT, Mark and Keri, boy.

GARDNER, Mark and Shelly, boy.

GUDMUNSON, Gordon and Martha, boy.

HAMATAKE, Bart and Sharon, boy.

HARDMAN, Robert and Karon, boy.

HITTLE, David and Susan, girl.

JACKSON, Robert and Jerilin, boy.

JOHNSON, Ranelle, girl.

JONES, Danny and Cheri, girl.

JONES, Thomas and Colleen, boy.

KLOMP, Paul and Laurica, boy.

LISH, Shawn and Michelle, girl.

LOLOHEA, Sione and Seini, girl.

MADSEN, Kelly and Angela, boy.

MAXFIELD, Mont and Sonia, boy.

MILLET, Jason and Deborah, girl.

MONTGOMERY, Robert and Rhonda, girl.

NEFF, Paul and Kathleen, girl.

NUDD, Kevin and Shelley, boy.

OAKESON, Glen and Phyllis, girl.

OGILVIE, Paul and Tamra, boy.

PETERSON, Michael and Rosalie, girl.

PULSIPHER, Randy and Suzette, girl.

RANDQUIST, Coby and Laurel, girl.

RICHARDS, Thomas and Marilyn, girl.

SCHIFFLER, Roland and Renee, girl.

THIRIOT, Bart and Wendy, girl.

THURMAN, John and Wendy, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BOYD, Trevor and Leslie, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEMMON, Dean and Kindy, Salt Lake City, girl.

MERKLEY, Ronald and Andria, Salt Lake City, girl.

NAY, Ronald and Karey, Kearns, boy.

PETERSON, Clay and Sonja, West Valley City, girl.

ROBINSON, William and Edie, Salt Lake City, boy.

SALMON, Sheryl and DAVIS, Mark, Sandy, boy.

SIMMONS, Wayne and Shelly, Salt Lake City, boy.

STASSI, David and Debra, Salt Lake City, boy.

VANSOOLEN, Jerry and Michelle, Sandy, boy.

ZUCCA, Anthony and Cheryl, Salt Lake City, girl.

University Hospital-

KEELE, Randy and Susan, boy.

DEARDIN, Kraig and Kim, girl.

WRIGHT, Rob and HOBBS, Katheryn, girl.

ZMUDA, John and Janie, girl.