A charge of criminal homicide, murder in the second degree, has been filed in 3rd Circuit Court against Russell Michael Ontiveros.

Ontiveros, 36, is charged in connection in the Dec. 27 stabbing death of Jessie Anthony Roybal.Ontiveros, Murray, was arrested following an 11 p.m. altercation outside Roybal's apartment at 474 N. 1300 West.

Police said the incident began with an argument over the use of a phone in Roybal's apartment. The probable cause statement filed with the complaint said that the defendant and the victim then went outside the apartment. A few minutes later, the victim came back inside severely injured. Police were called, but the victim died while the officers were en route.

The statement also said a neighbor witnessed a shouting match between two men outside Roybal's apartment. The men bumped chests several times, then one of the men reached inside his coat before lunging at the other. The second man grabbed his chest and hid behind a car as the man who made the lunging action fled in a car, the statement indicated.

The second man then staggered into the apartment. Minutes later the first man returned in the car and began honking the horn. When police exited the apartment, the car sped away and was pursued by the police.

An autopsy report from the state medical examiner's office said Roybal died of a single stab wound to the chest.

Ontiveros will be arraigned on the first degree felony later this week. At the arraignment he will be scheduled for a roll-call appearance at which time a preliminary hearing will be scheduled.