The St. Louis Cardinals, still trying to replace departed slugger Jack Clark, reportedly will get Pedro Guerrero from Los Angeles for left-hander John Tudor, whom the Dodgers need to replace the injured Fernando Valenzuela.

"It's not a rumor, it's fact. It's true. I don't know how it got out," agent Tony Attanasio told the Long Beach, Calif., Press-Telegram.The newspaper reported today that the trade hinges on the Cardinals' ability to sign Guerrero.

The 32-year-old outfielder, a .309 career hitter, is said to be seeking a three-year contract for an estimated $5.5 million. The Cardinals are ready to pay that, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The newspaper said the trade could be completed today.

"We'd like to have Guerrero, but we've got to sign him first," Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog said. "But the big thing is we've got to get a premier power hitter."

The Cardinals had hoped to replace Clark, who opted for free agency with the New York Yankees, with Bob Horner. But Horner, signed two weeks after Clark left, has played only 60 games and hit just three homers with 33 runs batted in.

The oft-injured Horner is out for the rest of the season following shoulder surgery.

The Dodgers had been shopping for a left-handed starter since former Cy Young

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Award winner Valenzuela went on the disabled list last month with a shoulder injury.

"I would say we've had serious discussions," general manager Fred Claire said when asked about the Dodgers' attempt to fill the void left by Valenzuela's first trip to the disabled list in eight major league seasons. "If we can improve our club and our pitching staff we won't hesitate to do it."

Neither Claire nor his St. Louis counterpart, Dal Maxvill, would confirm the deal Monday night. But Guerrero and Los Angeles manager Tom Lasorda seemed resigned to the trade.

Guerrero, 32, has missed 59 games this year because of a pinched nerve condition in his neck. He's hitting .298 but with only five homers and 35 runs batted in.

"I don't know how they felt about that (two months on the disabled list), but I know that when I was out they played good," Guerrero said. "As a matter of fact, they were about seven games up without me, and when I came back, they went down. But I don't think it was just because of me.

"The good thing is that we're still in first place. I don't know if I should say we or they.

"I kind of feel bad about it because of the years that I played here," Guerrero said after Monday night's 1-0 victory over San Francisco. "For a while, I really felt that I would probably end my career here, but this is all about business."

Tudor, a 34-year-old left-hander, is 6-5 with a league-leading 2.29 earned run average. He missed the first three weeks of the season with knee and shoulder problems and then the flu.

Tudor is 101-65 in 10 seasons. He was 10-2 last season despite missing more than three months with a broken bone in his right knee. In 1985, he was 21-8 and led the Cardinals to the National League pennant.

"Sometimes you lose players you love very, very dearly," Lasorda said. "It's been over the years where that has happened to me and it hurts you see players you think the world of and players who have been with you a long time leave."

Guerrero's, whose five-year, $7-million contract expires at the end of the season, was told of the trade by the Dodgers on Monday afternoon. Geurrero didn't play against rthe Giants.

"I didn't think I was ready for the game tonight," he said. "There were so many things going around, and I didn't want to go out there thinking about it and probably mess up the game. So I just felt the best thing to do was just sit down for the night.

"I felt bad all day and all night," he said. "I probably won't get to sleep tonight. But like I say, you know, there's things that have to happen and this is. I mean it's all business.

"It's a disappointment to him," Attanasio said. "He's going from a first-place club to a last-place club. He was semi-shocked by it all. The Dodgers have meant a lot to him and he wanted to end his career with them. Now I guess that won't happen."

The Dodgers do not need to negotiate with Tudor. He's under contract for 1989, at the same $1.1 million he is being paid this season.

Tudor's agent, Steve Freyer of Boston, declined to comment on the proposed deal other than to say that Tudor has not changed his mind about retiring from baseball following the 1989 season.

The Dodgers had been shopping for a left-handed starter since former Cy Young Award winner Fernando Valenzuela went on the disabled list last month with a shoulder injury.

In the 15 games Guerrero has played since returning from the disabled list, he is batting .241 with two homers and five RBI.