Most youngsters get spanked for telling lies, but 7th-grader Monique Barry of Wilkinsburg, Pa., was named "World's Champion Liar" Monday for her latest prevarication.

Monique won the title in the Burlington (Wis.) Liar's Club 60th international contest, which honors ingenuity in stretching the truth.The winning lie was a short one - "Your sister is so thin she plays hula-hoop with a Cheerio."

Liar's Club President John Soeth said about 300 entries were submitted to the 1990 contest, including several from Monique's class at Wilkinsburg Junior-Senior High School.

Soeth said Mary Artuso, Monique's teacher, said the "lie-writing project" she gave her class was a "motivating force for a writing assignment as well as a computer workshop."

Soeth said a number of juveniles entered the contest, including some Boy Scouts.

Some lies that won honorable mention:

Robert Hargrave Jr., of Minneapolis - "It rained so much in Texas one year that the river got so high you could see under it."

Harold Quinn, of Deerbrook, Wis. - "I planted some highly advertised fast-growing sweet corn. It grew so fast I thought it would shade the garden and lawn so I decided to chop it down. But it grew so fast I couldn't hit it twice in the same place with my ax."

Aaron Butler, a Boy Scout from Paducah, Ky. - "One baseball team was so bad that every time a game was rained out they threw victory parties. "