Syrian Vice President Abdel Halim Khaddam said Lebanon's constantly warring militias would not be allowed to block the formation of a national reconciliation government.

"I don't think any party will be an obstacle to achieve peace and security, and therefore there will be no need for more than dialogue and contacts with various militias," Khaddam said Tuesday at a news conference after a surprise meeting with President Elias Hrawi.Khaddam said the meeting, which was also attended by Prime Minister Selim Hoss and House Speaker Hussein Husseini, touched on Damascus' assistance in implementing an internationally backed peace agreement endorsed by Lebanese lawmakers in Taif, Saudi Arabia, a year ago.

The Taif agreement calls for disbandigng all militias, implementing a security plan for unified Beirut and forming a national government that would include representatives of all conflicting parties. It gives Syria a major role in assisting the Lebanses Army to maintain security.

Over the weekend, peace efforts sustained a major blow when gunmen burst into the house of Dany Chamoun, a staunch supported of Aoun, and shot him dead along with his wife and two children.

A formal funeral and burial ceremonies for the Chamoun family was planned for Wednesday.

Official sources said the security plan to unify Beirut will be launched Saturday as two hard-line Christian and Moslem militias appeared willing to pull our of the capital.