The 1990 farm bill, described by one House member as the child nobody wants, is on its way to the Senate for final approval.

The House voted 318-102 Tuesday to accept the revisions made in its original bill by a House-Senate conference committee.Utah's three representatives, Republican Reps. Jim Hansen and Howard Nielsen and Democratic Wayne Owens, voted for the bill.

In other congressional action, a dawn compromise on financial aid to displaced workers ended the last battle in crafting a clean-air bill acceptable to Congress and President Bush.

Congressional Democrats wanted the $250 million program for workers who lose their jobs of tougher pollution control requirements. But the White House had balked, fearing the measure's cost could not be controlled.

The massive legislation, the first overhaul of federal clean-air laws in 13 years, was approved Monday by Congress after months of tradeoffs and compromises. It calls for a broad range of new pollution controls to reduce smog, acid rain and toxic-chemical releases by the end of the decade.

Most of those speaking in favor of the farm bill said they were sorry about the changes in farm support required by deficit reduction mandates.

After the Houe and Senate passed their original bills, budget negotiators decided that farm spending over the next five years would have to be reduced by $13.6 billion to assist in cutting a total $500 billion from the federal budget.

That left the conference committee with the job of adjusting subsidy programs to cut farm spending during the next five years to $40.8 billion.