Alta View Hospital-

BOYER, James and Lisa, West Jordan, girl.

FABRIZIO, Ricky and Betty Jean, South Jordan, boy.

THOMPSON, Paul and Wendy, Sandy, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

ALDER, Butch and Diana, Salt Lake City, girl.

PROBERT, Steve and Leslie, West Valley City, boy.

SHAW, George and Lorna, South Jordan, boy.

TRINNAMAN, Tod and Michelle, Tooele, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BEAVER, Lenny and Myrtle, girl.

EPPICH, Kerry and Cheri, boy.

PALMER, Marline and Janiece, boy.

PETERSON, Richard and Darlene, boy.

WILSTEAD, Steve and DeNean, girl.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Douglas and Jennie, girl.

ANDREWS, Craig and Machel, girl.

COLLIER, Kevin E. and Stacy, boy.

DIXON, Daniel and Suzzanne, girl.

GREENE, Steward E. and Deanne, girl.

HAMILTON, Louis and Rachel, girl.

HUNTINGTON, Doug A. and Wendy, boy.

JONES, Craig and Diane, girl.

LOWELL, Daniel and Ellen, boy.

MORRELL, Andrew and Holley, girl.

NELSON, Randy L. and Susan, boy.

OLSON, Douglas and Kaara, boy.

PERRY, Ken and Wendy, girl.

PFEIFER, John and Heather, girl.

PICO, Robert J. and Farrine, girl.

PRAHL, Paul Robert and Kristyn, girl.

ROBINSON, Mardee J. and Carla, girl.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BLACK, Daren and Lisa, West Valley City, boy.

DERUYLER, Richard and Tamera, Salt Lake City, boy.

FORD, Katina, Magna, boy.

GUNDERSON, Shaun and Tarry, Erda, boy.

HOOPER, Roger and Jennifer, Tooele, girl.

HUTCHINSON, Matt and Sheena, West Valley, girl.

LARSON, Jason and Marge, West Valley City, boy.

MAYHEW, Deryl and Temera, Riverton, girl.

PASIKALA, Seini and TAHI, Viliami, West Valley City, girl.

PRATHER, Troy and Tonya, Dugway, boy.

Riley, Brandy, C. and PANDO, Floyd A., Murray, girl.

TATE, Lorie and ROBB, Duane, West Jordan, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

CUNNINGHAM, David and Lanore, West Jordan, girl.

DRIVER, Bobby and Rosie, West Valley City, girl.

GARDNER, Russell and Jennifer, Salt Lake City, boy.

NIEDERHAUSER, Wayne and Melissa, Sandy, girl.

STAEB, Roland and Anne, Brighton, gir.

WIETZEL, Robert and Joann, Tooele, girl.

University Hospital-

BICLEY, Allan and Valerie, girl.

CLOSE, Mac and Dawna, girl.

FRANKE, Don and Lori, girl.

JONES, Ricky and Mary Lynn, boy.

MUNFORD, Damon and Rebecca, girl.