An investigation at Defense Depot Ogden found no "significant trace of any hazardous waste," officials said Monday.

The depot, a field activity of the Defense Logistics Agency, completed follow-up work on a portion of the facility being investigated under the U.S. Department of Defense Environmental Restoration Program.The work began Sept. 28 in an area where 100 vials of mustard agent components of chemical weapons training kits were found. The vials were excavated in 1988 during initial investigations of environmental problems at the facility.

It is believed the mustard agent, known as "chemical surety material," was used in the past for training exercises, officials said. Only the storage of the training kits occurred at the local defense depot.

Del Fredde, depot environmental protection coordinator, said the excavation area is located in the southwestern part of the depot. Even though no chemical surety material was found, "we will continue a monitoring program for several years," he said in a press release.

Defense Depot Ogden has had an ongoing installation restoration monitoring program at the site since 1981. In July 1987, the facility was added to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's "Superfund" priority list.

Documents relating to past and current investigations at the depot can be reviewed by the public at the Weber County Library, 2646 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, or by contacting Fredde at 399-7848.