Age: 78Born: South Jordan

Family: wife, Vida; children, Larry, 51; Deon, 50; Calvin, 46; Roger, 45; Byron, 35.

Education: Brigham Young University, B.A. 1933, M.A. 1934; University of Missouri, Ph.D., 1936.

Occupation: Retired as state soil scientist for the U.S. Soil Conservation Service in 1981; part-time mayor since 1986.


Size: 20.6 square miles

Population: 12,419

Budget: $1,467,213

Number of Employees: 21 full-time, 3 part-time

Mayor's salary: $500 per month


Politics: Not affiliated. "I vote the person, not the party."

First "real" job: Agricultural chemist for University of Idaho at Moscow.

Management style: Staff city with capable people and hold them accountable. "I generally do not get involved in the daily operation of the city."

Why I like being mayor: The challenge of accomplishing tasks and goals that benefit the public, such as striving for the right kind of economic development in South Jordan. Also, dealing with citizens and other public officials. "It is a very good experience, very educational. I've made many contacts that have been beneficial to the city and helpful to me personally."

Why I hate being mayor: "There is nothing about the job I do not like."

Recipe for success: Work with people and bring them into the policymaking process through citizen access and involvement. "We have a lot of very competent and professional people in our community who can make a contribution, and we try to provide them with the opportunity to do that."

A memorable failure: None stands out. "I haven't been as totally successful as I would want to be, but I have never been discouraged or disappointed."

Heroes: "I have always idolized people - like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln - who are willing to give until it hurts for the benefit of the public."

Leisure: Serving on local water and service district boards and church work as well as mayoral duties doesn't leave much time for leisure, but enjoys fishing.

Favorite book: "Book of Mormon"

Favorite movie: "Gone With The Wind"