An attorney representing 11 Salt Lake fire-fighters filed a demand for wages Monday and threatened to file suit against Salt Lake City if his clients aren't paid the wages.

The demand, signed by attorney Phillip W. Dyer, says the city must compensate the firefighters for wages due under an apprenticeship agreement signed by the city and the firefighters. The city signed the agreements last year. The International Firefighters Association Local 1645 contends the agreements bind the city to a $410 monthly pay raise to first-year firefighters followed by additional raises the next three years.Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis refused to grant city employees pay raises this year because of budget constraints. The move sent Salt Lake police on a "sick-out" and may send firefighters to court.

Roulan Cottrell, director of the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training for the U.S. Department of Labor, reviewed the agreement and said the city must honor the pay increases.

If the city does not oblige the demand for wages in 15 days, Dyer wrote in the Aug. 12 letter, he would bring suit against the city.