The director of the hospital where Nancy Cruzan died won a court order against the father of another patient who wants to remove his brain-damaged daughter's feeding tube.

Pete Busalacchi wants to transfer his 20-year-old daughter, Christine, from the Missouri Rehabilitation Center to Minnesota, where she could die under a state provision that recognizes ethical decisions by doctors.The hospital's director fought the move, claiming Busalacchi has a better chance of recovering than Cruzan did.

Cruzan died at the Missouri hospital Dec. 26 after her parents won a landmark court battle to have her feeding tube disconnected.

Since a 1987 car accident in St. Louis, Busalacchi has been in a vegetative state similar to that of Cruzan, the subject of the Supreme Court's first right-to-die ruling.

"I really sometimes feel with Chris that the light's on but no one's home," Busalacchi said Sunday. "I believe my daughter is dead, and all I have left in the hospital is a machine."

Judge Scott Sifferman of Lawrence County Court issued a 10-day restraining order Saturday after the center's director, Don Lamkins, said there is "scientific and observational evidence" that Busalacchi is aware of her surroundings.

Lamkins said the 10-day restraining order would allow doctors to examine her further. Sifferman scheduled a Jan. 8 hearing to review the doctors' findings.