Volvo, Ted Turner and Roseanne Barr have all made TV Guide's second annual Zap Award list, named, said the magazine, for the action of turned-off television viewers with remote control devices.

The tongue-in-cheek awards single out memorable bloopers and blunders and some foolishness of television personalities and institutions.There are special awards, like the "Phoney Baloney Awards" which went to the impostor who tricked 20/20 producers into believing he was the original Buckwheat from the "Our Gang" comedies, although the true performer died in 1980. The same award went to Milli Vanilli, the duo who lip-synched their way into infamy.

The "Truth in Adver-Teasing Awards" went to Volvo for its car-crushing stunt; to GM for staging the parachuting Olds 98 with a car shell and then driving away with a different car, and to Nissan for using a tricky camera angle to make it appear their car stopped inches in front of a man, when the man was not in harm's way.

Other recipients include:

Ted Turner for outlawing the use of "foreign" among his newscasters, who are fined if they don't use "international" instead.

Barr for her screeching rendition of the national anthem.

The Tokyo Broadcasting System for shelling out $12 million to the Russians to put their ever-complaining reporter Toyohiro Akiyama into orbit.

The New York City Department of Corrections for planning to spend $44,000 for videotaped movies for inmates.