-Iran's spiritual leader Monday called the presence of U.S. troops in the gulf an "aggression" and said countries in the region would unite against them.

-Iraq's health minister said Monday that more than 4,200 people, about half of them children under 5 years old, have died because of shortages in medical supplies brought on by a U.N. embargo. The minister, Abdul-Salam Mohammed Said, accused the United States of "criminal action" in enforcing the economic embargo.Western officials have in the past expressed skepticism about similar Iraqi claims. The embargo allows for humanitarian shipments.

-A U.S. Marine died from an accidental gunshot wound inflicted when another Marine's M-16 rifle discharged, U.S. military officials said Monday. The shooting, which occurred Saturday, is being investigated. The Marine was a member of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment. He was not identified.

The death brought the number of U.S. servicemen who have died in Operation Desert Shield to 82.