Our readers know the news.

The high scores and the number of entries in the Deseret News Top 10 1990 Contest prove it.In our hearts, you're all winners. But only one reader gets the big bucks.

That's Kay B. Andersen of Wellsville, Cache County. For his efforts, Andersen wins $250 from the Deseret News.

In all, 677 entries were received. The nine entries with the next highest point totals will receive a Deseret News sports-page T-shirt.

The contest asked readers to rank their top 10 national and international stories from a list of 44 stories provided by The Associated Press. Unfortunately, about 10 percent of the respondents merely marked an "X" next to their choices without ranking them. Those entries were discarded.

After newspaper editors and broadcast news directors across the country voted, judges at the Deseret News compared local entries with the final AP results, giving 10 points to a correct first-place ranking, nine points to correct second-place rankings and so on.

The final AP results appear in today's People and Places section.

Total points possible was 55. Andersen scored 47, outdistancing his closest challenger by four points.

When contacted by the Deseret News, Andersen at first couldn't believe he had won.

"I read the news," he said, "and try to keep up with what's going on. I saw the entry blank and thought I'd give it a shot. This is great."

Andersen is a retired pharmacist and has been a Deseret News subscriber for about five years. He and his wife have four children and 13 grandchildren.

After Andersen, the next 10 winners and their point totals are:

Genevieve Taylor, 43 points, Orem; Elaine Ottley, 38 points, Sandy; Anne Anderson, 38 points, South Jordan; Robert Chandler, 38 points, Vernal; Chantelle Madson, 37 points, Orem; Alan Rindlisbacher, 37 points, West Jordan; Samuel Partridge, 36 points, West Jordan; Brad Porter, 36 points, Salt Lake City; (tie) Lonn Buckley, 34 points, Centerville; and Mrs. R.P. Neeley, 34 points, Salt Lake City.