A psychic who predicted the rise of Saddam Hussein says Jan. 15 is the worst possible time to attack the Iraqi leader.

But Anthony Carr of Toronto, who also predicted the 1990 falls of British leader Margaret Thatcher and boxer Mike Tyson, also says a "miracle" will temporarily avert an all-out war."For the time being there will be peace - but I hope that's not just wishful thinking on my part," Carr said.

Carr said a total eclipse of the sun - to begin Jan. 15 and only visible in the Middle East - astrologically bodes ill for the United States and its allies and well for Iraq.

Carr said the ill effects of the pending eclipse are already being felt in the form of accidents that have claimed the lives of American soldiers deployed in the region after Iraq invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2.

"Saddam doesn't have to really do anything, just sit back and watch the Americans do themselves in," Carr said.

Carr believes a "miracle," perhaps in the form of a lone peacemaker, will cool hostilities before they erupt.

In the past, Carr predicted the deaths of Pope John Paul I and Princess Grace of Monaco, the Falkland Islands war, the eruption of Mount St. Helens and the bombing of the Capitol Building in Washington - as well as the rise of Saddam Hussein.

For 1991, Carr predicts:

-President Bush, Saddam and Pope John Paul II will be shot or suffer strokes. Indian leader Chandra Shekhar will suffer a serious or fatal injury and a high ranking Soviet will be assassinated.

-Britain's Prince Charles will die and Prince Andrew will eventually reign as king of England.

-The next pope will allow women into the priesthood.

-The New York Yankees will win the World Series.

-The North American recession sliding into a depression rivaling that of the 1930s.

-A cure for AIDS or at least a vaccine to halt its spread.

-The deaths of Britain's Queen Mother, cowboy crooner Roy Rogers, actress Katharine Hepburn, mime Marcel Marceau and one of the three remaining Beatles.

-Quebec's drive for independence from Canada erupting into bloodshed.

-The Soviet Union's friendly overtures mask unfriendly intentions. The nation will be behind the assassination of a top Israeli official.

-Actor/muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger will suffer a debilitating nerve disorder; Mick Jagger will be injured in a motorcycle mishap; major surgery is pending for director Woody Allen and Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner; actress Raquel Welch will contract a blood disease; Nancy Reagan, Nelson Mandela and Johnny Carson will become seriously ill.

-The emergence of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi as a Western ally.

-China will invade another country.

-Two world -rominent figures will have an old fashioned duel.

-Earthquakes will rock New York City, Boston and Rome, and the latter may be near the site of an erupting volcano.

-Information will be discovered in the right paw of the Sphinx that will detail mankind's relationship with our extraterrestrial forefathers.

-The leaning tower of Pisa will topple.