Most Utahns want President Bush to run for re-election in 1992. They also want Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, to seek a fourth, six-year term. But they don't want Vice President Dan Quayle to run as Bush's partner again, a Deseret News/KSL-TV poll shows.

It's generally assumed Bush will run for a second term and that he'll pick Quayle as his running mate. It's less certain what Garn will do. Utah's senior senator has hinted he'll run again, and he's hinted he'll leave the Senate.In a November survey, pollster Dan Jones & Associates found that 51 percent of Utahns think Bush should seek re-election. The poll was taken as Bush was dropping in national opinion polls across in the wake of the 1990 budget problems and U.S. troop buildup in the Persian Gulf.

Not a great surprise, most Utah Republicans - 73 percent - want Bush to run in 1992, while most Democrats - 63 percent - want him to retire. Six percent said Bush should leave the presidency but run for some other office.

Many Utahns don't want Quayle to leave public life altogether. They just want him in some other office besides the vice presidency, Jones found.

Twenty-two percent said Quayle should run again as Bush's vice president, 16 percent said he should run for some other office, while 45 percent said he should leave politics and retire, Jones found.

Garn, who historically is well-liked, got the highest re-election percentage. Fifty-three percent said he should run again. Only 4 percent of Utahns think Garn should seek another office, while 36 percent want him to retire.

Sixty-six percent of the Republicans questioned want Garn to seek re-election, and 23 percent want him to run for some other office. Even a third of the Democrats said Garn should run for re-election.

If he should seek a fourth term, it's fairly certain he wouldn't have a serious challenger within the Republican Party and, based on past elections, would probably get only a token challenge from the Democrats.



Would you like to see George Bush:

Seek re-election 51%

Retire 30%

Other 6%

Don't know 12%

Would you like to see Dan Quayle:

Seek re-election 22%

Run for different office 16%

Retire 45%

Don't know 17%

Would you like to see Jake Garn:

Seek re-election 53%

Run for different office 4%

Retire 36%

Don't know 7%