President Lech Walesa Saturday nominated economist Jan Krzysztof Bielecki for the post of prime minister, and Bielecki later said he would serve in an interim role until spring parliamentary elections.

Bielecki also pledged to continue a policy of economic austerity aimed at healing Poland's economy by shifting to a market-driven system after decades of centralized control under communist rule.The nomination of 39-year-old Bielecki, an economic adviser to the union Solidarity since 1980 and a close aide to Walesa, was announced at a news conference by presidential spokesman Andrzej Drzycimski.

Parliament will consider approving the nomination next Friday.

Bielecki, who had been seen as a leading candidate for premier since Walesa's Dec. 9 election as president, met with reporters and said he expected to lead the government only until parliamentary elections next spring.

"I treat this (post) as paying service to Poland, and I would like to finish (my mission) on the day of the free elections," said Bielecki.