Texas A&M did to Ty Detmer what no team has ever done, clear back to Detmer's junior high school days:

Knock him out of a ballgame.Detmer has been remarkably durable in his career, despite his lean frame. But this time, the repeated free shots that Aggie linebacker William Thomas was given took their toll.

They also took BYU right out of any chance it might have had for a comeback.

Detmer separated his left shoulder in the second quarter, went into the locker room and returned a short time later.

"They numbed it up," he said. "I came back out and it felt all right."

In the third quarter the right shoulder was separated.

"He (Thomas) just landed on top of me and separated the other one," he said. "Soon as I went down I knew I was in trouble. I felt the popping in there.

"I guess between the ground and his weight, something had to give.

"I'm not going to leave the game unless I can't throw or I can't run," he said. "I just couldn't throw."

Detmer said he felt no hard feelings against Thomas, and he even applauded - gingerly - when it was announced that Thomas was the defensive player of the game.

Up until the time he was hurt, Detmer said he felt confident.

"We had a lot of good plays, good protection and receivers open," he said. "I felt confident about coming back the next time."

Detmer suggested that the difference in the game may have been motivation.

"They had a lot to prove, playing a No. 9 team, and them not ranked. It may have been a bigger game for them than it was for us."

Still, Detmer said he won't spend much time mourning the loss. He plans to go back to Texas soon for some hunting with his family, and said: "I'll be able to go home and hold my head high.

"We had a great year."