Team-by-team look at the NFL playoff situation of each contender:

AFC EastBuffalo (13-2) clinched AFC East title and home field throughout playoffs. Miami (11-4) clinched wild-card berth. Dolphins will play at home in wild-card game if they defeat Indianapolis or Raiders win against San Diego.

AFC Central

Pittsburgh (9-6) wins division title by defeating Houston Sunday. Steelers can gain at least a wild-card berth if Cincinnati and Seattle lose.

Cincinnati (8-7) wins division title with victory over Cleveland Sunday if Houston defeats Pittsburgh. If Steelers win, Bengals earn wild-card berth with victory and Seattle loss to Detroit.

Houston (8-7) wins division with victory over Pittsburgh if Cincinnati loses to Cleveland. Oilers earn wild-card berth if they win, Cincinnati wins and Seattle loses.

AFC West

Los Angeles (11-4) clinched a playoff berth and will win division with victory against San Diego. If Raiders lose, they will play wild-card game against Miami.

Kansas City (11-5) clinched a playoff berth. Chiefs win division if Raiders lose to San Diego. If Raiders win, Chiefs play wild-card game at Miami.

Seattle (8-7) earns wild-card spot with victory over Detroit if Houston or Cincinnati loses. Even if they lose, Seahawks make the playoffs if Houston and Cincinnati lose.

NFC East

New York (12-3) clinched division title, first-round bye and home field in second-round game.

Philadelphia (10-6) clinched wild-card berth and will be home for wild-card game against Washington next week.

Washington (9-6) clinched wild-card berth, and will play at Philadelphia in wild-card game.

Dallas (7-8) clinches wild-card spot with victory over Atlanta Sunday, or New Orleans loss Monday night to Los Angeles Rams.

NFC Central

Chicago (11-5) clinched division title. Bears will play home against Dallas or New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs.

NFC West

San Francisco (13-1) clinched division title and home field throughout playoffs. New Orleans (7-8) clinches wild-card berth with victory over Los Angeles Rams next Monday night if Dallas loses to Atlanta.