The National Coalition Against Television Violence wants to deflate Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The group is asking President Bush to rescind the muscleman's appointment as chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports on the grounds that his action movies promote violence."While President Bush and Mr. Schwarzenegger's concern for physical fitness is commendable, their lack of respect for the psychological and mental health of our children is disturbing," said NCTV spokesman Brian Sullivan.

"For those who advocate peace and non-violence in our society, Mr. Schwarzenegger's work in promoting violence in his movies makes him an inadequate choice for a role model for our young people.

"The harm of teaching and promoting violence for which Mr. Schwarzenegger is responsible overrides any contributions to the promotion of physical fitness in our society."

The NCTV issued a statement saying it has challenged Schwarzenegger to debate the effects of movie violence but has received no response.