Well, 1990 is almost over and it's time to reflect on some of the more significant moments in movies released during the past year:

Biggest box-office surprise (hit) (four-way tie): "Ghost," "Pretty Woman," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Home Alone."Biggest box-office surprise (bomb): "Days of Thunder."

Best made-in-Utah movie: "Carnival of Souls" (made in 1962, restored and reissued in 1990).

Worst made-in-Utah movie (two-way tie): "Desperate Hours," "Ski Patrol."

Best gangster film (four-way tie): "GoodFellas," "Miller's Crossing," "The Krays," "The Godfather, Part III."

Worst gangster film (two-way tie): "State of Grace," "King of New York."

Best gangster spoof by a "Godfather" star (two-way tie): Marlon Brando in "The Freshman," Al Pacino in "Dick Tracy."

Best reason to revive Westerns: "Dances With Wolves." Runner-up: "Quigley Down Under."

Worst reason to revive Westerns: "Young Guns II."

The only stars to hold their own with Bart Simpson during Christmas sales merchandising: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

The annual Christine Lahti Award for an excellent performance in a lousy movie: Christine Lahti, "Funny About Love."

Worst Charlie Sheen movie (three-way tie): "Navy SEALS," "Men at Work," "The Rookie."

Worst Kirstie Alley comedy (three-way tie): "Madhouse," "Sibling Rivalry," "Look Who's Talking Too."

Worst starring debut: Andrew Dice Clay, "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane."

Most unlikely street cops (two-way tie): Jamie Lee Curtis in "Blue Steel," Ally Sheedy in "Betsy's Wedding."

Most embarrassing ethnic stereotype: Willard Pugh as the mayor in "RoboCop 2."

Best underrated comedy (three-way tie): "The Big Picture," "Quick Change," "My Blue Heaven."

Best underrated horror spoof: "Tremors."

Worst horror movie (11-way tie): "Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III," "Nightbreed," "The First Power," "The Guardian," "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie," "Hardware," "Graveyard Shift," "The Stepfather 2," "Child's Play 2," "Predator 2," "Night of the Living Dead."

Worst "Ghost" movie (two-way tie): "Ghost Dad," "Heart Condition."

Best old Disney animated film: "Fantasia." Runner-up: "The Jungle Book."

Best new Disney animated film: "The Rescuers Down Under."

Worst Disney animated film: "DuckTales: The Movie."

Best non-Disney animated film: "The Brave Little Toaster."

Worst non-Disney animated film: "Jetsons: The Movie."

Weirdest animated film: "Twilight of the Cockroaches."

Best Monty Python alumni comedy: "Nuns on the Run."

Worst Monty Python alumni comedy: "Erik the Viking."

Best "Saturday Night Live" alumni comedy: "Quick Change."

Worst "Saturday Night Live" alumni comedy: (two-way tie): "Loose Cannons," "Opportunity Knocks."

Best intelligent science fiction that gradually became a mindless, violent Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle: "Total Recall."

Most hyped film: "Dick Tracy."

Most offensive title: "How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired."

Best weird title that never made it here (but can now be found on video) (five-way tie): "Rabid Grannies," "RoboCHIC," "Mutant on the Bounty," "Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator," "The Girlfriend from Hell."

Most unnecessary remake (five-way tie): "Stella," "The Lord of the Flies," "Valmont," "Night of the Living Dead," "Desperate Hours."

Worst uncredited remake of "It's a Wonderful Life": "Mr. Destiny."

Worst uncredited remake of "Casablanca": "Havana."

Most unnecessary sequel (19-way tie): "The Gods Must Be Crazy II," "Back to the Future, Part III," "Gremlins 2," "RoboCop 2," "Die Hard 2," "Young Guns II," "The Two Jakes," "The Exorcist III," "Delta Force 2," "The Stepfather 2," "Graffiti Bridge," "Texasville," "Child's Play 2," "The Rescuers Down Under," "Rocky V," "Three Men and a Little Lady," "Predator 2," "Look Who's Talking Too," "The Godfather, Part III."

Worst sort-of sequel/sort-of remake: "Repossessed."