The average price of regular gasoline sold nationwide dropped by 8.9 cents a gallon in the past nine days to its lowest level since early September, the American Automobile Association reports.

The average price of $1.282 a gallon represents the lowest price recorded by AAA since Sept. 5, when the price of regular gasoline sold at self-service pumps stood at $1.273 a gallon, the organization said.The drop in price since Dec. 18 also represents the largest decline recorded by AAA since Iraq invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, triggering the Persian Gulf crisis and a runup in price of oil.

Prices declined in all regions of the country, the AAA said. The average price also fell for mid-grade and premium gas, the organization said.

AAA said the nationwide average price for mid-grade unleaded gasoline fell 9.8 cents a gallon to $1.368, while the price for premium gasoline dropped 8 cents a gallon to $1.45.