New York's consumer watchdog and the federal government Thursday teamed up to warn denture wearers that their adhesive may contain excessive amounts of a cancer-causing chemical.

Richard Kessel, executive director of the state Consumer Protection Board, said testing of denture adhesives showed three brands with high levels of the chemical benzene, a known carcinogen.The federal Food and Drug Administration took the state tests and concluded that three brands - Orafix Special, Brace and, to a lesser degree, Cushion Grip - have unacceptable amounts of benzene.

All three products are being recalled by their manufacturers.

"While this is not believed to be an acute health hazard, it could pose a danger to denture adhesive users over many years," Kessel said.

Other Denture holding products shown to contain low levels of benzene are Fasteeth and Fixodent, he said.

Five other brands tested, CVS, Confident, Effergrip, Orafix Original and Super Poli Grip showed no detectable amounts of benzene, Kessel said.

Kessel originally requested that the state Department of Health test 10 different brands, and when benzene was discovered in numerous samples the FDA was notified.