Dave Ekstein, Sandy, uses a wood-burning tool to create exciting outdoor landscapes and wildlife scenes.

Ekstein, head custodian at Jordan High School and an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, camper and bird-watcher said he has tried painting with a variety of mediums and prefers using a wood-burning tool to a paintbrush.He is becoming well-known for his lifelike outdoor scenes and has sold his work in California, Utah and neighboring states. While he has always enjoyed drawing with a hot iron, he says, "I really got serious about painting with a wood-burning tool three years ago and have done about 600 art works since then - and sold them all."

The artist shows off his work at gun shows, art shows and other events all over the West during weekends and on vacations. He says his wife, Dorene, is his biggest booster.

His first job after moving to Utah from California in 1978 was working as a custodian at Jordan High, and he became head custodian after only six months.

Ekstein paints with a variety of wood-burning tool tips, using various strokes and different pressure to make deeper and wider marks on wood. His canvas is usually ash or birch, and he frames most of his work with walnut or gumwood frames of his own design.