Jennifer, Lisa and Ronnie are Hispanic/Anglo siblings in need of a nurturing and patient family. They have experienced severe neglect, possible abuse and three foster placements in the past two years.

As a result, all three need a great deal of attention and affection. They tend to be passive and not particularly expressive, though each has ways of getting some of his or her needs met. A family who can accept each child as an individual and will have realistic expectations for each child's level of success in life is needed.Lisa, 9, was born in July 1981. She loves dolls and likes to play house and dress up. She is an affectionate girl who needs attention and has trouble sharing either attention, affection or toys. She will accept affection from anyone who offers it and hits or pushes other children. Her foster mother says her behavior is improving. She is developmentally delayed and her test scores are in the mildly retarded range. She is in special education classes.

Jennifer, 10, was born in July 1980. She also likes dolls, dressing up and playing house. She is a cute girl who uses her looks to get what she wants. She gets along well with others but can be manipulative and stubborn. Jennifer's test scores have been in the low-average range, with delays in language and vocabulary. She will continue to need a special-education class.

Ronnie, 12, born October 1978, likes sports. He particularly treasures the time he spends with his foster father. He is behind in school and has a limited vocabulary for his age. His test scores are in the low-average range, but he is in a regular classroom. He is shy and sensitive and his feelings are easily hurt.

A two-parent family is preferred for these children, although a single mother might be considered. Adoption subsidy may be available.