Mike Tyson filed suit in an attempt to stop the next heavyweight championship bout, saying he and not George Foreman should have the first opportunity to challenge champion Evander Holyfield.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan's federal court, also seeks $10 million in damages from the World Boxing Association, the International Boxing Federation and officers of the two organizations.In the lawsuit, Tyson claims the WBA and IBF violated their own rules when they denied him a rematch with James "Buster" Douglas after Douglas unseated him as champion last February in Tokyo.

Tyson said the two boxing organizations decided he would be the challenger if Holyfield won the October championship fight with Douglas, which Holyfield did.

But the decision that Tyson would then fight Holyfield was rescinded, Tyson alleged, when WBA lawyer James Binns improperly persuaded the WBA executive committee to let Foreman be the challenger.

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