Call it a home or call it a cabin, the Clearmont easily fills either role. It is designed to be built into a hill, with access at the lower level limited to the front side.

Due to the compact and almost square layout, construction and heating costs will be lower than in many similar-size homes. Energy efficiency is also increased by the natural insulation of soil on three sides of the lower floor.The second floor is the main floor. All the living takes place here. More windows than walls rim two sides of the home, allowing for full appreciation of a panoramic view. In addition to the broad vistas, the windows also give abright, airy feeling to the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom. In the living room, a vaulted ceiling further enhances the sense of spaciousness.

Placement of the range and oven in the eating bar makes it as handy for quick meals, served at the bar, as it is for more formal meals in the window-bright dining area. Family preference will dictate whether this room is outfitted as an informal eating nook, or a more formal dining room.

Internal access to the lower level is close to the kitchen, convenient for unloading groceries. Uses for the non-garage portion of the lower floor are limited only by the imagination of its owners.

While it could be a shop, all, or parts of it, could also be outfitted as a playroom, utility room, exercise room, office, or whatever.

For a study plan of the CLEARMONT (400-42), send $5 to Landmark Designs, P.O. Box 2307, Eugene, OR 97402. (Be sure to specify plan name & number when ordering). Designers, Architects and readers with plans they would like to see featured also are invited to contact Landmark.