* WINNER: Utah's economy. A year-end report shows that Utah is ending the decade with a healthy labor market and one of its best economic postures ever. What a contrast to the increasingly sour national economic outlook.

* WINNER: Americans' reputation for generosity. A new survey commissioned by Lions Club International shows that 75 per cent of adults say Americans should volunteer to help the less fortunate.LOSER: Americans' reputation for generosity. The same survey shows that few Americans follow through on their beliefs about volunteering, with many shying away from helping the homeless, poor and ill.

LOSER: Crystal ball gazers. A year ago this nation's so-called psychics were predicting such things as Jackie Onassis' marriage to rock star Jon Bon Jovi, a tidal wave flooding New York City, the discovery of a cure for the common cold, and a meteorite landing in the Rose Garden of the White House. None of those predictions came through, of course. But their dismal track record won't keep the soothsayers from continuing to gull the gullible.

LOSER: The U.S. Postal Service. This week it delivered a bill to Anne Brestensky of Apollo, Pa. from the now-defunct Woman's Household Magazine. The bill arrived only 50 years late.

* WINNER: Andrew "Skeet" Moss. The Georgia man rushed from his bed to save a woman from drowning. He was among 16 people honored this week by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. Four of them died trying to help others. Remember that the next time you feel glum about human nature.