The great pigeon dropping debate here has been resolved with a decision to pay $67,000 to remove the offending detritus from town buildings, a solution an opponent says is for the birds.

"I think it's crazy," said David Keenan, who showed up for one of the many meetings on the subject attired in a "Pigeon-Buster" mock space suit.Removal of the waste from Town Hall and a school stirred passionate debate, with Keenan's faction decrying the prospect of spending town money to do a job they said could be handled by volunteers.

T-shirts were printed up with silhouettes of the ubiquitous pigeons surrounded by the familiar red circle with a diagonal slash through it.

The town had set aside $125,000 for the job, but officials received bids lower than that. The lowest bid failed to meet state specifications, so the $66,836 contract is going to the second-lowest bidder, Venture Asbestos Abatement of Salem, N.H., according to Laurie Benoit, administrative assistant to the town manager.

"Everything is in place and we should have a signed contract by the end of next week," she said Friday.

"It's been a good process. There's been a lot of public input and it's been a good learning experience."

But Keenan, a real estate agent, contractor and candidate for position of selectman, was less sanguine.

The town of about 34,000 has voted to oppose every war since 1812 and suggested banning the nuclear bomb during the Cold War. It voted to declare the town a nuclear-free zone and to ban officials from investing town funds in companies doing business in South Africa.