The army late Friday selected an interim president after the leader ousted in a Christmas Eve coup submitted his formal resignation.

The parliament was scheduled to vote Saturday on the military's proposal for Johan Kraag to assume the presidency and lead an interim government that would organize elections within 100 days.The army would need at least 34 votes in the 51-member National Assembly to confirm the selection of Kraag and his proposed vice president, Jules Wijdenbosch.

One National Assembly member said he and some colleagues would cast blank ballots to protest the coup.

The military threw out President Ramsewak Shankar in a bloodless coup Monday night and pledged to install a "non-political" interim Cabinet and organize a popular vote.

Shankar had been locked in a bitter dispute with Cmdr. Desi Bouterse, the former dictator who has been Suriname's strongman for 10 of the 15 years since its independence from the Netherlands.

Kraag belongs to the National Party of Suriname, the party of ousted Vice President Henck Arron.