Sonny Detmer has some definite opinions.

He doesn't express them in the loud, forceful tones one might expect from the proud father of a Heisman Trophy winner, not even when he's scoffing at those who have dared to criticize his son.He just smiles and, in a cordial drawl, informs anyone who inquires that such critics are full of bunk.

Take the Heisman Trophy, for instance. Some have suggested that Ty Detmer wouldn't have won it if the voting had occurred after the Hawaii game, and Sonny Detmer was asked if that kind of talk bothered him.

"Nah. I just sit there and look at the trophy every day," he said.

He also scoffs at those who say Ty Detmer will never play in the NFL - that he's not big enough and doesn't have a strong arm.

"The only guys talking about that are `experts'," he said. "They're not coaches; they're not players. He'll be drafted. He's just got too much on the ball not to be drafted.

"(San Francisco 49ers assistant coach) Mike Holmgren told me, and Tom Holmoe (former 49er player) told Ty, that Ty's almost exactly the same size as Joe Montana," Detmer said. "Now tell me Joe Montana is too small to play."

Besides, said Detmer, Ty will start gaining weight in a couple of years. "Ty will be 195 pounds when he's 25," he predicted.

At any rate, Ty has been plenty big enough to play at BYU, and his father has another son ready to pick up where Ty leaves off. Koy Detmer broke many of Ty's state passing records as a junior this past season, and, like Ty, he's expected to commit to a school this spring and avoid months of being hounded by recruiters.

"It looks like Koy is going to BYU," Sonny Detmer said. "That's where he wants to go, and I don't think there's any doubt about them wanting him."

Sonny, who is also Koy's high school coach, said there's no reason that Koy can't be every bit as good as Ty as a college quarterback. Maybe better. Sonny said that as he has refined his team's passing system each year, and as other Texas high schools have gone more to the pass, Koy has learned more and more.

"Ty and Koy have the same style, but there's one difference," Sonny said. "Koy is prepared better for more situations at this stage than Ty was."

Sonny Detmer realizes, however, that Koy might not start at BYU right away. He knows Ty was lucky to start as early as he did, and he expects Koy to redshirt his first year - in fact, he thinks he should redshirt - and maybe start by his junior season.

As for the Holiday Bowl, Detmer didn't offer a prediction, except to say: "I tell you what; I'm not going to bet against Ty. That son-of-a-gun's been lucky all his life."